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Don't think twice, it's all right

Emily Charlotte. 20. Becoming sane.
  • I’ve been avoiding posting this for a while now, but as some of you may have noticed, my blog has been lacking in new material lately. My life has been constantly filled with incredible people, communities, and experiences outside of this online world- and so I think it’s time that I separate myself from extracorporeal. I may log in every once in a while to check messages and edit my other more secretive blogs, but I won’t be adding any new content to this one. My 3ish years here have inspired and amazed me. Tumblr is such a cool concept, and I’m excited to look back through my archive in the future because it has always been something that gets my creativity flowing and interest peaked. You are welcome to do the same, understood if you unfollow instead, and infinitely thanked for any time you’ve ever spent scrolling. Really, It’s so appreciated.


    Hairspray Heart - Black Moth Super Rainbow

    feelin’ this album on these 80 degree days! 

    I don’t wanna stop moving.